Step into the world of Borgo Santo Pietro Wines, where the art of organic vinification merges with passion and expertise to create exceptional flavours and timeless elegance. Uncover the captivating story that unfolds within each bottle, as every sip serves as a dedication to be shared in companionship. Embark on a journey of taste and discovery, where the essence of Borgo Santo Pietro’s wines awaits.



By cultivating our grapes through an artisanal approach, we uncover a wealth of flavours, complexities, and nuances that contribute to our exceptional bio-wine, with artistry and dedication infused into every bottle.

“To my beloved son Vincent,
I extend to you this cherished dream of embracing a lifelong devotion to the enchanting world of wine. It serves as a testament to our unbreakable bond and enduring connection. Just as a fruitful relationship, the journey of winemaking encompasses the ebbs and flows of life, all of which culminate in reaping the abundant rewards that blossom from a labour of love.
With heartfelt affection,
– Claus Thorttrup, Founder
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  • Borgo Santo Pietro Wines Winemaking


At the heart of our winemaking philosophy lies a profound respect for the land. Embracing sustainable and organic practices, we forge a harmonious bond with nature, understanding that the rhythms of the seasons and the nuances of the terroir shape the very essence of our wines.